Nature Is Calling

Hello Friends! I haven't blogged in a while, but I am starting to getting into the groove of writing all that the Lord has put on my heart to share with you. I wanted to share with you this poem I wrote about nature and about God's glorious creation He has set before us to view. I hope you enjoy!

You ask me why I love to dwell in the great beauty of the mountains;

I love to be in my Artist’s canvas and to see His great hand

The birds, animals, sounds of the earth are alive and fill the air.

The air is clear, crisp, fresh and easy to breathe.

The mist rolls in and the sun comes out

The flowers bloom and the wild bears shout.

The Snow capped mountains, are so majestically high;

A colorful rainbow is adorning the afternoon sky.

Countless stars above, sparkling oh so bright,

Decorating the horizon and illuminating the night

There is a feeling of peace around me

When I hear the streams flow about, my heart is full and content

The presence of God, surrounds me.

The rustle of the leaves, sing a tune in my ear

Here, in this place, I have all that I need.

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