I started photography around the age of eleven. It was my curiousness of the world around me and love for capturing its unique beauty that inspired me. Back in 2014,  I was on a trip to Oregon with my family. My brother always had a camera by his side taking pictures. I asked him if I could try using it... he said, "Yes." My eyes were opened to a whole new world and I now love capturing my Creator's hand.


 I am seventeen years old and my desire is to live for Christ. He is my King and my priority. Taking pictures of God's creation is a beautiful thing, because I have the privilege to display the greatest Artist ever - the Lord.


As a Christian photographer, I strive to capture images that are beautiful and inspiring. I wish to honour my SaviorJesus Christ in all that I do. Photography is my ministry to bring hope and joy to others each new day!


Welcome to my journey…

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